Friday, 16 December 2016

#SPDC - SP Digital Marketing

SP Digital Consultants give our clients something they can't find at another agency.

With so many agencies now offering social media management services, SPDC know how difficult it can be to attract new clients. To stand out and generate more revenue for your business, SPDC provide our clients with a bespoke social media management and digital service - something you can't find anywhere else.

SP Digital Consultants services

ROI for our clients with reports
Now, with clients demanding even more detailed reporting and analytics to prove ROI, SPDC  impress our clients and prove that our social media activities are generating real results, SPDC provide our clients with the most advanced social media reporting tools available.
SPDC use composition tools, that allow us to effectively create content that displays beautifully across all social networks and blogs. Our intuitive compose message box adapts to whichever social network you're targeting to ensure our posts look great!
Schedule content for when your audience is most likely to engage.
SPDC use robust scheduling features that make it easy to plan your social media strategy in advance. We even analyze your posts to suggest the best time for optimal engagement.

SPDC  RSS Auto Posting features to publish topical content to your social networks at regular intervals throughout the day. Automatically distribute new posts from your blog to your social channels.

A service is any social network account, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or blog that be posted to and tracked. This also includes monitoring and automation services including keyword searches, RSS Auto Poster and automated welcome messages.
  • RSS & Automation
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Export Reports
  • Branded Reports
  • Lists
  • Task & Workflow
  • Branded Posts
  • Message Scheduling

Added extras SPDC can provide you to help your online marketing campaign
SPDC can also help your content marketing with blog publishing features.
Simply connect your blog and have one of our writers write original, SEO-rich content for you.
Emails — Send marketing emails to your leads and customers

SMS — Send & receive SMS messages from within your account

WebDesign and Hosting - fully optimised mobile ready Wordpress based theme  designed and hosted by SPDC

Let's highlight a typical single account i.e. Twitter

1 - firstly we will define what you require from this social network
2 - we will ask for account login details ( the details you give us will be regarded as sensitive and will not be disclosed to anyone )

3 - from day one, we will start targeting your audience area for business and grow your following on Twitter.

4 - we will also use your own tweets or if you have dedicated campaign msg ready to send and target them in the area to get maximise retweets and likes.

5 - we will aim for at least 2k real and target followers for the first month

6 - if required - negative tweets that have been aimed directly to your business we will turn them into a positive and use them to benefit growth to your twitter account

7 - your business will also be added to our business directory with a full page thus giving your Business more backlinks and social marketing as the directory will send your ad to the top 6 social networks

8 - if you have a dedicated # hashtag for your business - we will maximise the performance of the hash tag.

9 - creating awareness of your business or brand on Twitter

This is just one single social network account - imagine what SPDC can do with the top six networks !

To finish off

To finish off - SPDC offer a bespoke service for all our clients - we will work with you to provide you with the full service you require. SPDC will provide a “ keep it as simple “ service - with none of the technical jargon that no one understands.

Recap of services provided

Who are SP Digital Consultants ?

Spencer Rayner - An ex mortgage broker that had developed an amazing communication skills on social networks, building his own personal following to over 250k real and active followers on twitter - A bit of a social media guru, modest as Spencer is he will not admit that bit.

Pete Ashton - Come from a background of business development and marketing. Pete is the specialist in design and promotions that when posted online causes a flurry of activity.

We , as friends came together to form SPDC and both with the understanding to give our clients the correct services without being overcharged. Using the correct tools for our clients needs that's made SPDC what it is today.

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